The world of innovation and accessibility expands with the new VEEP Classic 2 HN. This WC monoblock represents the meeting point of advanced functionality, versatile design, and maximum convenience.

With its combination of 2 standard bathrooms and one for disabled persons, the VEEP Classic 2 HN stands out as the ideal solution for events of any size, backstage areas, and public venues.


Featuring a simple and linear shell that conceals a wide range of comfort and services, this modular system aims to meet the accessibility and comfort needs of every user. Thanks to its minimal design and versatility, the VEEP Classic 2 HN seamlessly integrates into any setting, offering a high-quality hygienic experience wherever it’s installed.

Sustainable, efficient, and designed to meet all the needs of events and public environments, the VEEP Classic 2 HN is the perfect choice for those seeking a practical, comfortable, and inclusive user experience.

Discover the future of accessibility with the VEEP Classic 2 HN by Sebach.

Space for Everyone

Ceramic Sanitary Ware

Ceramic sanitary ware, made with high-quality materials, provides comfort and ensures optimal quality and hygiene.

Complete Sink

The sink, complete with an electric towel dispenser and soap dispenser, makes handwashing and sanitizing a simple and quick process for everyone.

Alarm Siren and Bell

Alarm siren and warning lights to signal emergencies or technical issues, with transition to out-of-service mode.

Non-Slip Flooring

Made of marine plywood with a non-slip vinyl cover to prevent accidents and ensure stability during use.

2 Standard WC Cabins

Two separate cabins for men and women, ensuring privacy and efficiency in the use of toilet facilities.

1 WC Cabin for Disabled Persons

Spacious and equipped with access ramps, handrails, and dedicated accessories to ensure a safe and comfortable experience for people with disabilities.


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